NYS Music Review

September 25th, 2022

Some Highlights from the Review:

"On Syracuse pop rock duo Elephant Back’s self-titled debut album, the group dabbles across genres in an impressive scale across a short period of time."

"The record, released on August 5, asserts its ever fluctuant musical identity from the start, with the quiet desert rock grooves and varied percussion of opener “Hier Kom Die Olifant” being directly followed by the loud drums and noisy guitars of the melodic “Kiss The Sky.”

"While Elephant Back displays strong musicianship across the record, the album’s percussion is a high mark in this department. The anxious blues rock of “Can’t Stop” is highlighted by its entertaining drum fills and hissing maracas. The infectious chorus of late album reggae track “Get It On Right” is enhanced by some impressively technical and subtly quick work on the drum set."

Elephant Back’s debut album is an incredibly wide-ranging project that showcases tight musicianship and plenty of experimentation.

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